AVAILABLE FALL 2019 - whole or 1/2 animal

AVAILABLE NOW- variety of cuts

  Fall beeve: Reserve your whole or 1/2 animal today!

Interested?  Contact us; we will send you a cut sheet and additional information. 

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Whole Animal; 1/2 Animal or specific cuts are available. 

Whole or 1/2 animal at $7/lb. **

(1/2 animal yields approx. 300-350 lbs of beef)

Specific cuts also available from $7/lb - $25/lb depending upon cut. 

Contact us to obtain a detailed price sheet or cut sheet.

**This price includes all processing and packaging. Packaging is done according to customer instruction and is vacuum sealed in clear packaging and contents labeled.   All you have to do is pick it up from our farm. We will store it in our freezers until pickup.


We began raising grass-fed beef to fill a local need for beef raised naturally; roving cattle with grass underfoot, access to fresh water and completely 100% grass-fed with no antibiotics or hormones.

Beef produced by the Bay Haven Farm is 100% grass-fed natural beef.  No feed lots, not corn finished, no antibiotics and no hormones.  Beef raised this way, in a comfortable, humane and stress free environment
with a diet natural to cattle is not only beneficial to the animal; but also proves to be beneficial in the meat that is produced by these animals.     Our cattle live good, happy lives on large grass fields free to roam and graze freely.


At the onset of our endeavor as a newly formed cattle company we knew that we wanted to choose and market a specific breed of cattle.  We did our homework and visited many farms with cattle known for it’s grass-fed genetics.  We taste tested each of these breeds and found that nothing came close to the quality and taste of those with the Devon and Braunvieh genetics. Our plan is to grow our herd naturally over time. 


There are many proven benefits to 100% grass-fed beef.  Grass Fed Beef is:

  1. lower in total fat than grain fed beef.  Grass fed meat has about the same amount of fat as skinless chicken. When meat is this lean, it actually lowers your LDL cholesterol levels.

  2. low in "bad" fat (including saturated fat), it gives you from two to six times more of the "good" fat called "omega-3 fatty acids."  People with plenty of omega-3s in their diet are less likely to have high blood pressure and are also known for the significant contribution they make to brain health.  (depression, ADD, & Alzheimer’s for example)  Another benefit of omega-3’s is that it may reduce your risk of cancer.

  3. The reason that grass-fed cattle have more omega-3s than grain fed cattle is that omega-3s are formed in the green leaves of plants. Sixty percent of the fat content of grass is a type of omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic (LNA).  When cattle do not have access to grass, even if they were started on grass they lose their stores of LNA as well as two other types of omega-3’s.

  4. Studies show that an animal raised humanely and processed humanely (not under stressful conditions) tastes better. 

A Word To the Consumer

Be wary of beef marketed as grass-fed.  This is clever marketing and may only mean that the cattle had access to grass during it’s lifetime.  It can mean that the cattle was finished in a feed lot or grain finished.


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